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November 12, 2005 - Cocoa, Florida 5:21am (EDT) - Report submitted by Joe Hurston

I have been doing relief work for nearly 30 years and HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED anything like this. After the Pakistan/India earthquake of October 8, 2005 that killed well over 86,000 (many believe that number is very low!), the world appears to be sitting by and doing little or nothing to help the millions left homeless and vulnerable. OVER HALF ARE CHILDREN!

My heart is breaking. To date, we have appealed to the President of the United States, 2 U.S. Congressmen, 1 U.S. Senator and literally hundreds of businesses, churches, doctors. We have appealed to ABC, NBC, FOX, CNN several newspapers and anyone else who would listen. This tragic story has dropped off the Media's Radar Screen in the U.S.

Air Mobile has a "miracle" water purifier (Vortex Voyager) that sets up in 3 minutes pumps nearly 30 gallons per hour, simple to operate, very portable (20 pounds) and is solar powered! The most contaminated water is made very clean by the Voyager. Now, disease is breaking out all over Pakistan, MAINLY DUE TO CONTAMINATED WATER!

Last week, while we were in Pakistan donating and setting up and training on the operation of the Voyager, Pakistani Doctors pleaded with us to bring in at least 200 of these units IMMEDIATELY. Their funding is abysmal and they truly need help. I appeal to you who read this, please pray and ask the Lord what He would have you do. Please take this appeal to anyone you know who could help. We are truly in a race for time for lives!!

This weekend, a group of Pakistani doctors in Orlando are meeting to see what they can do. Meanwhile, the Houston Rotary has offered to MATCH any funding generated by this group. Please pray that funds are generated to send us back to Pakistan to bring clean water and SAVE LIVES!

This news story below captures the situation quite well.

Saturday, November 12, 2005 - POUGHKEEPSIE JOURNAL
Pakistan needs help from rest of world

More than half of those left homeless are children.

"Damage from the October earthquake that left millions of people homeless in Pakistan and parts of India is getting worse, and recovery efforts are slowing. As winter descends on the region, the crisis will expand. The rest of the world must offer help.

Already, 86,000 people have died from the temblor that registered 7.6 on the Richter scale. More than half of those left homeless are children. Extreme mountainous conditions, coupled with rain and snow, are halting aid for the most vulnerable victims. Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has said the country needs $5 billion in aid, yet only $620 million has been pledged. The gap means that necessary medical and humanitarian aid is lacking. As a result, diseases are spreading, shelter is inadequate and the future looks bleak.

The temporary tents that relief agencies brought in for housing cannot withstand the extreme winter temperatures. Villages above the snow line are particularly vulnerable. The unprecedented agreement between Pakistan and India to exchange aid in the Kashmir region has been fraught with violence.

This week, President Bush appealed for Americans to help in the effort. It's a plea that must not fall on deaf ears.

Disaster fatigue may affect those who traditionally offer help. The impacts of the tsunamis, Hurricane Katrina and mudslides have taken a toll on even the most generous people. But they also take a toll on the agencies most often called upon to help in the time of need.

Natural disasters cannot be prevented. But humanitarian support by those lucky enough to not be affected can relieve the pain and, in Pakistan and India's case, save lives."

Do not hesitate to contact me if you can help us with this LIFE SAVING MISSION!! I have simply been confronted with this truth: "What would Jesus do?"


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