Saturday, October 29, 2005

Winter is coming - More than a million at risk!

Migrating to lower ground before winter!
October 30, 2005 - 9:52am (Pakistan Time) Islamabad, Pakistan - Report submitted by Joe Hurston

The sobering message we are getting is "Time is running out" to bring help into the hard hit mountain regions of Pakistan. Winter is coming and so many need help in the mountains. Yesterday, (Saturday) was like a whirlwind. The day began with a demonstration of the amazing capability of the Voyager TM to leading members of the Islamabad Rotary. The Rotary has been so much help to us! We then met with leading members of World Aid Foundation (a group of Doctors). They truly embraced the immediate need for the Vortex Voyager TM in the disaster areas that have been hardest hit. It was clear that clean water will prevent the outbreak of epidemics!

Then we were given strategic relief information concerning the entire earthquake area. This will certainly help us to immediately deploy the 7 Vortex Voyagers TM in the most needed areas. My biggest regret is that we don't have more Vortex Voyagers TM! My prayer is that we will be able to deploy at least 200 units before winter sets in!

We depart at 6:00am tomorrow morning for several hard hit areas in the mountains. We will spend several days in the mountains. Again, I can't say how appreciative we are for the help we have received from the Rotary, the Governor's office and various others in obtaining strategic information for very successful deployments.

This disaster is huge! It is a logistical nightmare. Everyone we met are working nearly round the clock and doing all that they can, yet we know that winter is coming and so much remains to be done.

Meanwhile, Hurricane BETA is pounding Central America this morning. We're monitoring Beta closely. Wow, disasters just keep coming!

Christian is still coordinating our next Haiti deployment. Air Mobile is really stretching these days! We are just glad that we can be used to help people in critical need! Your prayer and support help us to do this! THANK YOU!!

This will be my last report until we return from the mountains on Wednesday night, unless....we find an internet connection up there. I have found connections in the most extraordinary places. Need to run to another meeting. God Bless!!


Joe Hurston
President - Air Mobile