Monday, October 31, 2005

Good Morning - Heading to the Pakistan mountains!

October 31, 2005 5:09am (Pakistan Time) - Islamabad, Pakistan - Report submitted by Joe Hurston

We've been up since 3:00am preparing for our trip into the mountains. I slipped away from the team, caught a motorcycle down to an internet cafe' so that I could get this quick report off to you before we depart. We will escorted by members of the military and key medical officials. Our strategy is crystallizing, yet the actual Vortex Voyager TM deployments today and tomorrow will truly establish show us where to go and how best to be used to save lives!

The sense of urgency is increasing in us all as winter moves closer. It's hard to imagine over a million at risk, but that is the situation. We had meetings yesterday that left us speechless. The heart of the Pakistan people toward those in need is inspiring. They simply need help in this massive disaster.

I've been following the news on the relationship between Pakistan on India and it's very encouraging to see them working together on border crossings on this huge disaster. Our Lord will so often use these tragedies to bring people together. Our prayer is that true peace is established between these two great countries!

Our next communication will likely be on Wednesday evening when we return from the mountains. God Bless You and THANK YOU again for your prayer, love and support!!


Joe and the Air Mobile / Win In Need Team