Saturday, November 05, 2005

First Pakistani Snow Fall Coming - Over 1,000,000 AT RISK!

November 5, 2005 - 11:41am (EDT) - Grafton, MA (It's a cool story - Read PS below for details)- Report submitted by Joe Hurston

Snow Predicted in Pakistan Quake Zone

With aid budgets drained by disasters elsewhere and appeals falling on deaf ears, Relief coordinators now have to tailor quake relief to the money available, said spokeswoman Amanda Pitt.

"We are very worried there could be another wave of deaths, because of disease, cold, lack of shelter and unsafe water."

This headline appeared today. The death-toll from the Earthquake of October 8th in Pakistan, where over 2000 mountain villages were flattened, may well exceed the devastating December 26, 2004 Tsunami! Over 1,000,000 are at risk in the Pakistan/Kashmir Mountains as winter approaches.

Air Mobile just successfully deployed 7 Vortex Voyagers TM on our first mission to Pakistan. Our team landed in the U.S. last night. Now we plan to return as early as next week with 50 more Vortex Voyagers TM (the first of 200 Voyagers TM). We are coordinating the Vortex Voyager TM deployments with Forward Medical Teams. All agree that getting clean water into these areas is vital. Time is of the essence! The Pakistani Government is offering to Air Mobile the use of helicopters to strategically place these Voyagers TM. Our major problem now is funding. The people of Pakistan need a miracle. We need help! We need your prayer!

The U.S. media has basically dropped the Pakistan Disaster. As I am writing this report, the disaster is still unfolding! The logistics of reaching the affected people are huge. We have been to some of the most devastated areas within the last few days, and from personal experience, the task is daunting! I thank you for taking the time to read this report. PLEASE take a moment and pray for these precious people that are suffering so greatly. We are so thankful that we can do something to make a difference in some lives. With your help we are able to do this. God Bless You!


Joe Hurston
President - Air Mobile

PS - Yesterday (Friday) As our Pakistan International Airlines Boeing 777 descended out of 38,000 for JFK, the on-board Ground track showed us right over Boston - Worcester, MA. Cindy, my wife and Peter, my son, are in Grafton right outside of Worcester with family (Cindy's sister, Debbie, recently passed away). I was scheduled to fly from JFK to Orlando. Not today! Upon landing, a quick flight adjustment and I jumped on a Greyhound to spend the weekend with Cindy and Peter. I've been asked to speak at the Chapel at the Mill for Pastor Ernie White who led Cindy to the Lord 33 years ago. It was a good spontaneous decision to re-direct my flight schedule!

Until next report.....Joe