Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A Quick Note from the Houston Airport enroute to Pakistan!

October 26, 2005 - 7:10 (CST) Houston International Airport - Report submitted by Joe Hurston

Just landed in Houston from Orlando. Flite went well. Joe Polozola and I just linked up with Dan Carpenter of World In Need (WIN). We're eager to move on with this mission.

Been reading about the problems of distribution back in Florida. Disasters bring out any flaws in our well laid plans, that's for sure! I'm instructing our office in Titusville to do anything that we can to help!

Read another headline a few moments ago. If aid does not get to Pakistan quickly, the death-toll will double! Some say the death-toll could reach 100,000 and that could double!!

We'll be flying into Lahore, Pakistan. We have incredible open doors there to bring life-saving water to the most devastated areas! Tonight, we fly to England then to Karachi, Pakistan. On Friday morning, we'll arrive ready to serve. I pray we're able to get some sleep on this long flight.

Thanks again for your prayer, love and support. Will write from Pakistan. God Bless!!

Joe Hurston


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