Friday, November 25, 2005

AIR MOBILE IS THANKFUL!!!! Barbara Walker kidnapped.... and released after 2 minutes!!

November 25, 2005 Friday - 7:29am (EDT) - Cocoa, Florida - Report submitted by Joe Hurston

Air Mobile is so thankful to our Lord and to you for enabling us to go and bring help and love to those in desperate need! HAVE WE GOT A REPORT FOR YOU!

Last Friday, our Air Mobile Team returned from Haiti after deploying 20 Vortex Voyagers TM to areas of tremendous need. This team was led by my son Christian Hurston along with my daughter Cherie. Due to extreme volatility of Haiti, particularly in the area of KIDNAPPING, we have left many details out of this LIFE-SAVING mission. My daughter Cherie did a superb job of posting a report on this site. To see the report return to our website home page and Click on: Click Here for Report of November Haiti Trip. We are all THANKFUL that Christian and Cherie and the other team member made it home safe and sound.

Barbara Walker, our intrepid, courageous, extremely effective Caribbean and World-wide Air Mobile Associate arrived from Haiti Wednesday evening just before Thanksgiving. We are so THANKFUL to have Barbara with us! Just before Barbara arrived, I received an e-mail from her with this quote: "HAVE I GOT A STORY FOR YOU"!!

Once Barbara got in the car, it was just moments before the story came out. She and her assistant Johnny were in a dangerous part of town to help a needy mother secure a home. Barbara had a "bad feeling" about the mission. As they were attempting to get out, it happened!

The car was surrounded by five, automatic-weapon toting thugs. Suddenly the door was ripped open, Johnny was pulled from the vehicle and another armed bandit jumped in the driver seat. Barbara, quick thinking, sounded the "alarm". On another mission, Barb had shown us this little device, about the size of a silver dollar. It emits a very loud, piercing squeal. The kidnapper was bewildered, he couldn't get the truck into gear and in a confused state started to just jump from the truck and Barbara helped him out as she lunged behind the wheel and sped away. The U.N. forces standing by witnessed what was going on and decided to help. THEY SHOT BARBARA'S TIRE OUT! Still, she managed to limp out of harms way and begin the process of getting Johnny back.

Here, we can't give the details, but Barbara "brilliantly" negotiated the release of Johnny. The amount of money, that cannot be disclosed, was "reasonable"! Johnny was returned, safe and sound, but rather shaken by the ordeal after 19 hours of captivity.

We, in the Hurston household, celebrated THANKSGIVING with an extra dimension of THANKFULNESS!! By the way, we were also VERY THANKFUL to have Cindy and Peter back from Massachusetts (MA). Cindy's sister Debbie, passed away. Cindy and Peter were there for the family and settling things afterward. Cindy ministered to her family and many young people during her time in MA. I personally cannot begin to tell you how happy I am to have my Cindy and Peter home!

Air Mobile will be back to Haiti but...we will not disclose any details of our upcoming trip until "after the fact" and then...we will choose our words carefully.

Meanwhile, Air Mobile is returning to PAKISTAN soon!! We may be heading back as early as next week. We are THANKFUL for so many who are assisting us to get LIFE-SAVING water to the Earthquake victims. The situation in the affected areas of Pakistan is desperate. There are still hundreds of thousands of victims trapped in isolated areas and thousands of make-shift camps set up for the millions of homeless victims. Many of these camps lack CLEAN WATER & PROPER SANITATION. This is a formula for disease. Thousands and thousands (the actual number is truly unknown)are suffering from WATER-BORNE diseases. An immediate answer is bringing CLEAN WATER to those areas IMMEDIATELY.

Air Mobile has made many excellent contacts including the Rotary Club, multiple Pakistani businessmen and doctors and many kind-hearted, compassionate Americans. Recently we had the privilege of meeting Dr. Naseer Shaikh, a very prominent Pakistani surgeon. Dr. Shaikh's list of accomplishments are long and rich. Among his many include, Surgeon General of Pakistan, Ambassador to the U.N., Board Member of the World Health Organization and the list goes on and on. Dr. Shaikh will be meeting with many leaders in Pakistan this week. We hope to be getting a call from Dr. Shaikh with the funding clearance to come to Pakistan immediately with Vortex Voyagers TM!

As the Pakistan return mission continues to develop, we'll keep you informed. Have an excellent THANKSGIVING weekend. God bless you!!