Sunday, December 25, 2005

MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM PAKISTAN! Air Mobile heading back to Ground Zero 24 hours later than planned due to "DIVINE DELAYS"!

December 25, 2005 - 12:55am (Pakistan Time) - Islamabad, Pakistan - Report submitted by Joe Hurston

"Divine Delays"...How often have you struck out on a mission and been delayed? It's happened to all of us. How many times are those delays arranged so that something better can happen? More often than we know. This is exactly what happened to us today. Our plan was to go to the Ground Zero's of the earthquake. Here's what happened.

Our departure was delayed due to the difficulty of securing a proper vehicle for the mountains. As we sipped coffee and awaited calls for the vehicle, I recalled a dear friend, a poet and very gracious gentleman by the name of Irshad Ullah Kahn. I gave him a quick call to greet him. He and Dr. Shaikh spoke and soon we were on our way to his house. It was so good seeing Irshad and Dr. Shaikh speak of mutual friends and family.

After departure, Dr. Shaikh suggested we swing by the Minister of the Interior's home as it was very close to Irshad's home. The Minister was so glad to see Dr. Shaikh! He listened very carefully to our Vortex Voyager TM project to bring clean water to the disaster areas and offered to review our project. Then he offered to provide us with a proper vehicle and driver for our Mountain trek. I marvel at how our Lord has brought Dr. Shaikh to us for this life-saving project.

Next it was off to lunch. While entering the hotel/restaraunt, the Minister of Privatization, another Cabinet member sees Dr. Shaikh and greets him warmly. We were able to clearly explain our project to the Minister who offered encouragement and promised to review our project as well.

Now, it was too late to depart for the mountains. Dr. Shaikh and I marveled at what had just been accomplished. In a few short hours, we met two Leading Pakistani Cabinet Members and fully explained our Clean Water project to them. Normally, this would take weeks or even months of careful planning and coordination. This is nothing short of a miracle! Our Lord is getting this life-saving project before the proper people in His way and His time!

Over dinner, we met with one of the top broadcasters on Pakistan Television (another good friend of Dr. Shaikh's). After hearing about the Vortex Voyager TM Project, he pledged to do a special on Nationwide TV on our project. After returning from dinner, I had to write this report. As midnight came, the thought of spending Christmas in Pakistan hit me again. Apart from being home with my family, I wouldn't want to be anywhere on earth than right here on this mission.

In a few hours, the Minister of the Interior's driver will arrive and we'll be off to one of the most desperate places on this earth. Please pray that our Lord continues to lead and guide us.

Merry Christmas!!

Joe Hurston
President - Air Mobile

PS - Please continue to read the reports below to see how this incredible journey is unfolding!